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DIE LEWE is die agt-en-twintigjarige Henrico Coetzer, talentvolle sanger van Pretoria, se vyfde enkelsnit en volg in die voetspore van treffers soos Man Van God,...

The music video of Dozi’s latest single about name changes in South Africa and the reasons behind it, has just been released and is just...

Over the years the popular singer/songwriter, Juan Boucher became a household name. The acclaimed artist is known for his soothing voice, catchy lyrics, energetic melodies...

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Name and Surname: Atlegang Milanzi
Contact number: 079 923 3257
email address:
Title of the song: Milanzi Melody - One By One (Feat. Mishma)
Facebook account: Atlegang Lanziey-Dova Milanzi II
YouTube: Milanzi Melody