I got involved in the Music Industry in the mid-’90s : Repping AKG, Allen & Heath, Turbo Sound, and a whole lot of other Pro Audio Gear.

My task was to take Pro Audio to the M.i Stores, making them aware of a whole new money-making field.

Having helped some of the largest Sound Rental Companies set-up for the likes of Toto, Bon-Jovi, Alanis Morissette, Savage Garden, and a stack of other International artists, I started calling on every music shop in S.A : From Johannesburg to Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, and Durban : Name the shop, I’ve been in it ! !

After a couple of years of doing so, I got called into the “Office” by the biggest name in our Retail industry to date and was offered a position as trainee salesperson / skivvy with the eye on opening a store in Pretoria, whereby I would be a 10% shareholder and could eventually own up to 50%.

I took the position, knowing that I would be taking a serious financial knock in the beginning, Oh Boy, and did I take a pounding : There were many nights that I would walk outside with my staff, bid them a good night’s rest and leave.

I would drive around the block, making sure that my staff had all gone, then sneak back into the shop and sleep under my counter, or some nights behind the speakers; as I did not have enough money for fuel to drive the 57km journey to my home at night and the 57km back to the office the following morning again. I would buy a loaf of bread to last a week and when there was money to spoil myself, would get a bottle of Tomato Sauce to stick on the bread, frequently adding water to make it last longer.

I kept my eyes on the goal : Growing the business, growing the group :
At the time I joined we had 3 branches, by the time I left, we were 14 branches strong, if you included Harare and our Fleamarket Store at the Waterfront.

I would never have left the group :
This was my Life, my Blood, my Breath :
I had not worked a day in my life, since I started working in the group, as what I was doing was a pleasant experience daily :
Working with & motivating my staff, and serving customers : This is what makes me tick !
This part has never changed.

BUT THEN, In the Blink of an Eye, my life changed Drastically ! :

In short, I woke up one morning, 3 guys standing in my house : I got shot and was left for dead as part of a house burglary : (I was made a “Holy” man)

I was forced to leave my place of residence after they came back to murder me 14 times, because I could recognize their faces at the time.

I moved to a different part of the country in order to heal; physically, spiritually, and mentally.
My mentor, partner, and business Father asked me to come back to Gauteng, but I was not ready.

We started having fall-outs, which hurt the both of us, and certainly (unintentionally) destroyed the Beautiful Friendship, Trust & Respect we both had in & for each other.

I had to leave :

This was the Birth of