Zildjian A Custom Complete Cymbal Set


Cymbal Sets

From A to K to the new S Family, The Zildjian Cymbal Set is the most efficient way to begin your musical journey or get the complete solution to take your drumming to the next level. Your box set artwork may vary.

Features :

Features crisp, sweet, sophisticated cymbals with a modern sound. Zildjian A Custom cymbals are made using radical rotary hammering techniques, thin weights, and a brilliant finish. Great for a variety of drumming styles. This pack features:

14″ A Custom HiHats
16″ A Custom Crash
18″ A Custom Crash
20″ A Custom Medium Ride
Note: Box set artwork may vary.

Brilliant Finish
High Pitch
Bright Sound
Short Sustain
Project Volume
Medium Weight
SKU: A20579-11
High Pitch
Short Sustain
Cymbal Type: Cymbal Sets
Project Volume
Medium Weight
Skill Level(s): Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional



Genre(s): Alternative,
Genre(s): Funk,
Genre(s): Fusion,
Genre(s): Gospel,
Genre(s): Hard-Rock,
Genre(s): Hardcore,
Genre(s): Pop,
Genre(s): Punk,
Genre(s): Rock,
Genre(s): Session