TVA MG25 : 25w Megaphone with Siren & Cigarette Lighter / Charger

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Product Description

A powerful and durable megaphone suitable for all outdoor occasions. Its built-in powerful 25W amplifier and a high quality anti feedback microphone can project a clear sound up to a distance of 1km depending upon conditions. The microphone also features a handy push to talk switch and rotary volume control and is made from strong ABS with a rubber edge protector.


Output rate: max. 25W
Power: 8xtype C batteries
Battery lifetime: permanent operation 5 hours
Reach: outdoors up to 1500m
Dimension: 230mm x 370mm
Weight: 1.65kg (without batteries)
Material & colour: ABS/Blue-grey
Signal sound: whistle (1.600Hz – 2.400Hz) / Siren

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