Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Mesh Drum Kit

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Drum Throne, Drum Pedal & Hi-Hat Stand Sold Separately!!!

the roland td-17kvx electronic drum set is the top-tier model in roland’s new td-17 series. it’s underscored by quality sounds, large responsive mesh pads, easy-to-use features and training tools, and sturdy, rugged reliability. powered by the td-17 drum module, the td-17kvx also features a larger pdx-12 dual-trigger mesh snare pad which feels more like an acoustic snare with a shallower rim, sensitive pdx-8 dual-trigger mesh tom pads, dynamic and realistic-feeling kd-10 kick trigger, two cy-12c dual-trigger crash v-cymbals, a larger cy-13r three-way ride v-cymbal, advanced vh-10 v-hi-hat and the solid, versatile mds-4kvx drum stand.

the stand out features of the td-17kvx are definitely the larger cymbal pads and the advanced vh-10 v-hi-hat. the new vh-10 v-hi-hat features excellent playability, and realistic hi-hat performance. the “floating” design mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand, has a dual trigger cymbal pad, and faithfully recreates every hi-hat nuance. whether the hi-hat is fully open, closed or any variation in between, the vh-10 responds naturally and accurately. even hi-hat heel splashes can be played with ease.

another outstanding feature is the built-in bluetooth for streaming music or midi from a smart device, allowing you to learn, record tracks or just play along with your favorite songs.

the td-17kvx also includes the new kd-10 kick trigger pad; a sturdy, solid kick pad with amazing dynamic response that matches how you play, allowing you to play delicately or as hard as you can. the kd-10 kick trigger pad lets you use your single or double pedal setup with ease.

in addition, the td-17kvx comes with the new pdx-12, a 12″ dual-ply mesh head pad with incredible sensitivity and response across the entire surface of the drum head, providing a great feeling, acoustic-like playing experience. the pdx-12 also recreates rim shots and cross stick techniques with ease thanks to its shallower hoop.

the td-17 drum sound module features a new set of sounds based on roland’s popular flagship td-50. the module is packed with over 300 quality drums, percussion and effects sounds, and 100 kits (50 preset, 50 user) to cover any genre. the td-17 module also includes the ability to import sounds—a first for v-drums kits in this price range. combined with built-in sounds and easy sound editing, creating your own custom sounds and kits are virtually limitless. you can even record your performances and save your playing on a standard sdhc card. in addition to the amazing sounds and customization abilities, the td-17 has a powerful learning tool called coach mode that has several different modes within. you can play along to a metronome and the td-17 will show you in real-time if you’re speeding up, dragging or right on the click. you can also keep track of how well you kept time with a calculated percentage of accuracy.

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td-17 drum module

pdx-12 dual-trigger mesh snare pad

three pdx-8 dual-trigger mesh tom pads

kd-10 kick trigger pad

two cy-12c dual-trigger crash v-cymbals

cy-13r three-way ride v-cymbal

vh-10 v-hi-hat

mds-com drum stand

options (sold separately)

drum stand: mds series *2
cymbal mount: mdy series
pad mount: mdh series
personal drum monitor: pm series
v-drums accessory package: dap-3x
v-drums mat: tdm series
noise eater: ne-100, ne-10
hi-hat stand
kick pedal
SD card


drum kits

100 (preset : 50)



user sample

internal memory size : 32mb / 100 user samples (includes preloaded factory samples)/ total sound length: 295 seconds in mono, 148 seconds in stereo.

file format : wav (44.1 khz, 16/24 bit)

kit effects

ambience : 25 types

multi-effect : 30 types

pad eq : can be assigned to each pad

master effects

bass (eq), treble (eq)


version 4.2/supports a2dp (audio) and midi over bluetooth

song player

file format : wav (44.1 khz, 16/24 bit) and mp3 (*2)


recording method : realtime

maximum length : 60 minutes (temporary recording length: 3 min) (*3)


trigger input connector (db-25 type): kick, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3, hi-hat, crash1, ride, ride bell, hi-hat control

extra trigger input jacks : 2 (aux, crash2) (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)

output jacks (l/mono, r) (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)

phones jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)

mix in jack (stereo miniature phone type)

sdhc sd card slot

midi out connector

usb computer port


hi-speed usb (usb-midi, usb-audio)


128 x 64 backlit lcd

power supply

ac adaptor (dc 9 v)

current draw

490 ma