Nux NPK-10 : 88 Key Portable Digital Stage Piano


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88 Key Weighted, Triple-Sensor, Scaled Hammer-Action, Digital Piano & Advanced Powerful Functions : Not Just for Pricy Pianos

To provide the most authentic piano feel, NUX NPK-10 is equipped with advanced keyboard features – the superior WKJ-03 triple sensors, scaled hammer action, escapement and ivory-feel keys, and 5 types of touch sensitivity to fit different styles.

It is rare among similar price-point products, but NPK-10 understands your desire for the finest touch and the most delicate expression.

Impressive Sound

Dynamic and rich piano sound, together with wide possibilities to explore various music styles

NPK-10 provides 12 high-quality sounds including a remarkable acoustic grand piano, and other expressive tones such as Marimba, Harpsichord, Strings, Organ, Pad, and more.

When playing different songs and styles, you can further modify the brilliance, add two layered tones, or adjust 5 types of ambience effects, until you find the perfect sound. It is also super easy to save your favourite settings and quickly recall them later.





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To Perform, To Create

Bluetooth, Rhythm, Recorder, Transpose, Duo… Powerful functions enabling you to spark your creativity

Wanna join the band? You can stream your favourite songs from your phone via Bluetooth and jam along. Or let the onboard 12 types of rhythm playback spice it up. Or, record and loop your own playing on NPK-10!

NPK-10 also offers a wide range of functions like transpose, duo keyboard, metronome, and “Piano Mate” APP tutoring. Its powerful connectivity capabilities, including USB MIDI, AUX IN&OUT, 2 headphone jacks, and pedal/3-pedal unit connection, provide even more possibilities for you

Flexible and Versatile

Beautifully fits your room, while versatile for various occasions

NPK-10 can easily fit into any décor and space, with its contemporary, simple, and compact exterior design.

If you are having a party at home, a gathering in the yard, a casual gig at a coffee house, or busking on the street, NPK-10 is the perfect fit for activities in smaller venues. It is portable and easy to set up with multiple stand options, and the onboard speaker systems can produce sufficient and expressive sound for your audience


Digital Stage Piano :

– 88 keys Weighted

– Triple-sensor scaled hammer-action keyboard (with escapement and ivory feel)

– Touch Sensitivity: 5 types (Super Light/Light/Medium/Heavy/Super Heavy)


– Sound Chip : Dream 5708 DSP

– Max. Polyphony : 189

– Tones: 12 built-in tones


Reverb and Delay : 5 types (Hall/Church/Plate/Stage/Delay; reverb depth adjustable)

Chorus : 4 depth levels

Tone Brilliance : 5 levels

Dual/Layer : Yes (mix balance adjustable)

Twin Piano : Yes (split point adjustable; individual octave shift and tone selection)

Octave Shift : Yes (-1 to +1 octaves)


Bluetooth : Yes (MIDI and audio)

Transpose : -6 to +5 in semitones

Rhythm : 12 drum patterns

Demo Songs : 30

Metronome : 9 beats, tempo range 20 to 280 bpm

Recording : 1 song (approx. 18000 notes total)

Master Tuning Range : 415Hz to 460Hz

User Preset : 2 memory banks

Auto-sleep : Yes


– Damper (included) : 3-Pedal Unit (optional)


– USB MIDI, AUX IN, LINE OUT, Headphones X 2, Damper Pedal Jack, Connector for 3-Pedal Unit

Amplifiers and Speakers

Preamp : Tl Preamp Chip

Speaker : 10W X 2, 3″ X 6″ Oval Speaker

Power Supply

– DC 12V/2A

Size and Weight

Dimensions : 1300mm x 270mm x 135mm

Weight : 10kg

*Note: Piano stand is not included.