Nux NCH-5 SCF Mini Super Chorus, Flanger & Pitch Modulation Pedal

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Mini SCF (NCH-5)

Chorus, Flanger, Pitch Modulation. These deliver the magic swirls, wobbling wonders and pure shimmering awesomeness of the SCF that we know and love, staying true – and paying tribute – to the original. The mini SCF (SUPER CHORUS Flanger & Pitch Modulation) tributes to TC Electronic’s Stereo Chorus Flanger, one of the best modulation pedals ever made since 1976.

NUX’s modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital. To achieve all of the objectives, our engineers had to develop an algorithm that mimics the principles of BBD chips – the key component of Analog Chorus effects. Quality-grade BBD chips in large mass have become incredibly rare, so this method is not practical for making an affordable analog chorus device. Using DSP technology, NUX is able to offer a mini-pedal with a contrasting array of chorus tones. Besides that, mini SCF offers wider dynamic range, 9V DC power, smart tap tempo that innovates the origin and gives you more good vibes.


Key Features

Tribute to the legendary modulation pedal~SCF.
Chorus, P.M., FLG.
mini enclosure.
Wide dynamic range: 103dB.
Smart Tap Tempo.
True-bypass or Buffer-bypass.
Supports Stereo.
Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.

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Input Impedance :1MΩ
Output Impedance :10kΩ
Dynamic Range : 103 dB
DSP Processing : 48KHz / 32-bit
A/D D/A Sampling Rate : 48KHz / 24-bit
Power :9V DC(Negative tip, Optional ACD-008 adapter)
Current Draw :less than 100mA
Dimensions :94(L)X51(W)X53(H)mm
Weight :175g