NUX MG-200 : Guitar Multi-FX Processor

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MG-200 Guitar Modeling Processor

Create your own sound !

NUX MG-200 gives a freedom and flexibility to explore everything about sound possibilities.
MG-200 is a versatile multi-effects processor that produces the sounds of most preferred stompboxes, cabinets, and amplifiers. With its high-quality sound, portable design, 40 seconds looper, and intuitive interface make it the perfect addition to your setup. Simply, the MG-200 offers all the sounds and tools that you need to improve your tone and sound greater.


Sampling frequency : 44.1 kHz
AD/DA conversion : 24bit
Frequency Response : 20Hz-20000Hz ± 1dB
THD+N : -93dBu(<0,003%)
Dynamic Range : 110dB
Input : -20dB
Output : -10dB
Power : DV 9V
Dimensions : 240(L) x155(W) x67(D) mm
Weight : 0.95kg

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Dynamics / Filter – Variety of filter options to shape and control your sound with compressors, noise gates, filters, 6-band graphic EQ, and wah effects.
Overdrive / Distortion – We’ve put everything together and you can create your drive tone by selecting one of the best boosters, overdrives, fuzzes, and lead guitar sounds.
Amp / Cabinets – 13 of selected amps and cabinets, including simulations of classic tube and solid-state amps. Powered by NUX TS/AC Technology.
Modulation – Enhance your sound with phasers and flangers, plus chorus, pitch shift, tremolo, and vibrato.
Delay / Reverb – Delay and natural-sounding reverbs, including rooms, halls, plates, springs, and tape delay simulators, all designed to add depth and spaciousness to your sound.
Tuner: Instantly accessible, fast and accurate tuning.

Quick Access
MG-200 has multi-functional 3 footswitches. You can switch presets, control the drum and looper function by using the “Preset ↑ ↓” switches.

And it has one assignable control footswitch “CTRL 1”. It allows you to quickly access any functions like booster, TAP TEMPO or any selected function to engage/disengage.

Loop Station w/ Drum Machine
Realistic-sounded drums playing the patterns in a variety of different music genres, everything such as pop, rock, blues and more. You can record up to 40 seconds loop track with the selected drum style, MG-200 will be your best bandmate.