Mapex Prodigy 5 Piece Custom Drum Kit w/ 22″ Kick : Ebony Yellow Grain

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Mapex Prodigy drum kit This high-quality 9-ply Basswood shell Drum kit, complete with double-braced hardware, power toms, and cymbals. This drum set is an amazing value package for the beginning or intermediate drummer alike – everything you need to rock right out of the box. With a full-sized 5-piece setup, this drum set is a great choice for the gigging drummers looking for a set that will more than hold its own with the rigors of the touring musician. Easily one of the best drum kits for the price out there! Mapex is a world-renowned Drum manufacturer producing high-quality kits for over 25 years.

Standard, Fusion, or Custom?

The Prodigy range offers drummers who are just starting out the opportunity to choose a configuration to match their musical tastes.  The choice of bass drum and tom sizes available between the Standard, Fusion and Custom configurations means drummers can choose a kit suited to styles ranging from Rock to Jazz.  Shipped complete with cymbals, cymbal stands, and drum stool makes these drum kits ideal for anyone wanting to start drum lessons, or even take to the stage as they launch their drumming career!


Drum Sizes: 10”, 12”, and 16” toms. 22” bass drum. 14″snare.
Cymbals: 14” hi-hats, 16” crash cymbal, 20″ ride cymbal.

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