Hohner Rocket Pro 3 Harmonica Pack : Keys Of C, G & A

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Rocket Pro 3 Pack

The result of 157 years of harmonica-making experience, The Rocket by Hohner is one of the loudest and most responsive diatonic harmonicas you can find. It’s definitely one of the loudest harmonicas we’ve heard. The Rocket uses a plastic comb, which doesn’t swell up the way some comb materials do. The sound is consistent and full, and the sleek, comfortable body is designed so it won’t catch on facial hair. When you really want to cut loose, The Rocket by Hohner will definitely keep up with you.

This Hohner Rocket Pro 3 pack includes harmonicas in the keys of C, G and A


Key Features

Diatonic harmonicas
Keys of C, G and A
Consistent tone from plastic comb material
Extremely responsive and very loud
Won’t catch on facial hair thanks to seamless design

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