FBT Amico 10 USB Portable Active PA System


Speaker Stands Sold Separately!!

AMICO 10USB is a completely integrated, ready-wired sound system offering a convenient plug and play solution for Houses of Worship, schools, conference halls, DJ sets, sports centers and small musical groups performing live in small to medium sized venues.

The mixer amplification, a 15” subwoofer and three PWM processed amplifiers are contained in a single ultra lightweight, yet extremely sturdy polypropylene enclosure.
A storage compartment in the rear of the AMICO 10USB houses the two 2 – way satellite speakers, allowing the wheeled system to be transported as a one piece unit.

AMICO 10USB offers a professional mixing input channels with built-in class D power amplifiers and switch mode power supply. The system is powered by AC mains.

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  • SUB Internal amplifier : 500W+2x150W RMS
  • SUB Frequency response: @-6dB 40Hz-120Hz
  • SUB Sensitivity: (@1W, 1m) dB 97
  • SUB Maximum: SPL (cont-peak) dB 124/130
  • SUB Dispersion: O x V omnidirectional
  • Sub woofer inch : 1×15
  • SUB SAT output connectors: 2 x SPEAKON
  • SAT Internal amplifier : 150W RMS
  • SAT Impedance: 4 ohms
  • SAT Frequency response: -6dB 90Hz-20kHz
  • SAT Sensitivity: (@1W, 1m) dB 93.5
  • SAT Maximum: SPL (cont-peak) dB 115/125
  • SAT Dispersion: O x V 90° x 60°
  • SAT Low frequency woofer: inch 1×6.5
  • SAT High frequency: driver inch 1×1
  • SAT Input connectors: 1 x SPEAKON
  • SAT Power supply: 5m