Audiocenter SX2 Combo : XLA102-DSP & S3218A Active Line Array System

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SX2 Combo

Audiocenter XLA102-DSP
The Audiocenter XLA 102-DSP is an active line array system. A newly designed horn and acoustic load provide high efficiency in the mid-frequency range and 90 degrees uniform horizontal coverage. Its excellent sound performance, compact size and light weight make it ideal for demanding touring events and fixed installations. The Audiocenter XLA102-DSP features two customised 1.75” HF drivers with composite diaphragms and two customised 10” LF drivers (with 2.5” voice coils). Audiocenter XLA102-DSP system can be used as a main PA system with a maximum of 16 cabinets per array. User selectable three presets (Linear, HFX, W/SUB) in Audiocenter XLA102-DSP are available for users to choose according to their needs.

The Audiocenter XLA 102-DSP can be suspended vertically. Built-in hardware with innovative quick-release mechanism with high-strength 10mm pins makes installation easy, safe and quick. The system can be sized according to the required vertical coverage angle to meet the different requirements of different applications. For venues where the system cannot be flown, customised frames are available for ground stacking (maximum of 4 cabinets).

Audiocenter S3218A
3 low-pass filters (80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz) in S3218A are available to choose according to different venues and music styles. There is also phase switch. All connectors and function buttons are on the back panel. S3218A subwoofer is with 1-way XLR for input and output. Signals can be sent to different speakers for sound distribution.


Key Features : Audiocenter XLA102-DSP
Customised drivers
Innovative ETE™ waveguide technology for perfect frequency response and even coverage
Newly designed horn for extremely precise dispersion
High end built-in digital controller (DSP) with 96KHz sampling frequency, 2 4bit precision
Class D amplifier
Advanced cooling system
Optimised and compact cabinet design
Solid, moisture-free, CNC-machined birch plywood cabinet
Wide range of accessories for different applications


Key Features : Audiocenter S3218A
Maximum SPL 140dB
Customized driver
Built in DSP with 48kHz signal sampling frequency
Class D amplifier
Advanced cooling system in the driver
Optimized, light weight cabinet design for easy usage
Comprehensive accessories for different applications


This Bundle Includes :
4 x XLA102DSP
2 x S3218A
2 x Brackets and Bar
2 x 15m XLR
2 x 2m XLR
2 x PSB2

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Audiocenter XLA102-DSP Specifications

Type: Active DSP-controlled full range loudspeaker
Frequency Response (-6dB anechoic chamber): 55Hz-19KHz
Maximum Calculated SPL/1M (Continuous/Peak): 132dB/138dB
LF Driver: Customized 2×1 0” driver, 2.5” voice coil
HF Driver: Customized driver, 1.0”exit, 2×1. 75”voice coil
Horizontal Coverage: 90°
Angle (Symmetrical)
Vertical Coverage Depends on the amount of the speaker and curvature of the line array
Angle (Symmetrical)

Amplifier Circuitry Class D
Power (Peak) 2000W
Frequency Response (1W 80 2ch): 20Hz-20KHz (±0.5dB)
Intermodulation Distortion: <0.05%
Total Harmonic Distortion Protection: <0.05%
Protection: DC protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, input overload protection, output overload protection, soft startup protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection
Cooling System: Cooling with fans

Processor: 96kHz signal sampling frequency, 24bit precision
Crossover: Controlled by DSP

Output/ Input
Signal Input: 1 x Female XLR
Signal Output: 1x Male XLR
Power Input/Output: Power Connector
AC Power Operating Range: 100V-130V or 220V-240V (±10%,50/BOHz)

Angle Adjustment: 0.25°, 1°, 2.5°, 4°, 6°, 8°, 10°
Cabinet Material: Russian birch plywood CNC made
Cabinet Colour: Black
Dimension (WxHxD): 832x295x424mm
Net Weight: 38.0Kg


Audiocenter S3218A Specifications

Type: Active DSP-controlled Subwoofer
Frequency Response (-10dB): 26Hz-135Hz
Maximum Calculated SPL/1M(Continuous/Peak):134dB/140dB
LF Driver: Customized 2×18” driver, 4.0” voice coil

Processor: 48kHz signal sampling frequency
Presets: 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz

Amplifier Circuitry: Class D
Power (RMS standards): 2000W
Peak Power: 4000W
Frequency Response (1W 8Ω 2ch): 20Hz-20kHz(±0.5dB)
Intermodulation Distortion: <0.05%
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%
Cooling System: Cooling with fans, air convection
Protection: DC protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, input overload protection, output overload protection, soft startup protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection
Signal Input: Female XLR
Signal Output: Male XLR
Power Input: Power connector
Working Voltage: 100V-130V~ or 220V-240V~ (±10%,50/60Hz)
Power consumption (1/8 output power): 237W

Cabinet Material: CNC machined plywood
Cabinet Colour: Black
Grille: Iron mesh
Handles: 4 side
Pole Mount: M20 base Φ35mm
Speaker Dimension (W×H×D): 1206x565x694mm
Carton Dimensions (W×H×D): 651x1331x780mm
Net Weight: 68.0kg
Shipping Weight: 74.0kg