Juan Boucher releases music video of his wedding!

Over the years the popular singer/songwriter, Juan Boucher became a household name. The acclaimed artist is known for his soothing voice, catchy lyrics, energetic melodies and entertaining stage personality.

He just released a brand new music video, but this is no ordinary video. It is a video of him and his wife, Shamodene’s wedding!

“We got married on 24 March 2021 in Nylstroom (Modimolle) at the Kutaba Bush Lodge. I sang the song TROU to her on our wedding day as well,” says Juan.

The video is a montage of events from their special day. When asked what was special on their day and what they promised to each other, they say the following: “Juan: Today I marry you forever, you are my foundation, my heart’s pursuit. Shamodene: My husband, I will love you forever and you exist in me just like you stood in my future.”

The video was produced by Quintin Jansen van Rensburg (Q-man) from Quin Media.



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