Wit Kasteel’s new single, Nog Een is here!

Nothing, not even Covid-19 or lockdown, could stand in the way of the Pretoria rock group, Wit Kasteel to achieve their goals.

In 2020, they made sure that they secured a tight spot for themselves in the music industry with the release of their brand new album, as well as two very popular singles, Toegewyd and Herinnering.  During lockdown, there were very few opportunities for getting together or having a good time, but music has a way of bringing everyone together and that is why their next single,  NOG EEN (ONE MORE),  is perfectly suited for the time in which we find ourselves currently.

NOG EEN (ONE MORE)  is a feel good, party song, that is based on the famous words of that one friend who always has room for one more. “With the uncertain times and very little accessibility to shows and entertainment, we hardly had the opportunity to meet up with friends. But when the opportunity presented itself, we made the most of it. We hope that the song becomes an Afrikaans theme song at any get-together, may it be at a braai or a night on the town with your friends”, says Reinard Kruger, bass guitarist of the group.

The four members of Wit Kasteel wrote the song themselves in collaboration with Hugo Ludik (ADAM/Muse Studios), as well as Nick Jordaan (Rubber Duc). The song is produced by Hugo Ludik and Amiel Gopal from Muse Studios.

Wit Kasteel also made a cheerful lyric music video. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/DieB6WMQEBw

The group consists of Clemond Dartnall (lead singer and guitar), Ernst Nieuwoudt (lead guitar), Reinard Kruger (bass guitarist) and Waldemar Behr (drummer).

With their unique sound, Wit Kasteel is ready and very excited to start performing again nationwide, and now that the lockdown has slightly lifted, what better way to kick it off with, ONE MORE! (NOG EEN)!

NOG EEN is available on their album, Toegewyd. Download it here: https://smarturl.it/Toegewyd-DieAlbum



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