Jan Rhaap with new single and album!

Three albums, twelve singles and several music award nominations later, the talented musician and songwriter, Jan Rhaap, is back in the spotlight with a brand-new album, single and music video that will exceed everyone’s expectations.

ELMBOOG NA BO contains thirteen original tracks that were carefully selected and produced to create the perfect end-result.  To promote the release of the album he released a video recently of the titular track and also launched the ELMBOOG NA BO challenge on social media. It requires followers to share a video of themselves trying to drink a shooter that is held in the fold of their elbow and challenging their friends to do the same.  As could be expected, South Africans absolutely love the challenge and everyone’s challenging everyone at the moment!

About the album and the selection of content for this fourth studio album, Jan says: “Each song had to contribute to the overall story, message and feel of the album.  I did a lot of the writing myself, but also worked with other writers like Juan Boucher, Loki Rothman, Munro du Toit and Adriaan van der Merwe. I always write about things I see and experience in my own life. My music is pieces of myself as a person.”

It is almost impossible for him to choose a favourite song on the album. He, however, believes that his latest single, KOM LOOP, that will now be released with the album’s release has the potential to be a hit because of its relevant lyrics and infectious tune.

“People worldwide are currently going through a difficult time and we must try not to judge each other’s choices,” he shares about the meaning behind this pop-rock track written by Juan Boucher and Adriaan van der Merwe is. “The song is very special to me and has a strong message and a nice upbeat melody. I think that people should judge less and be more supportive of one another.”

Maak jou Maak(e), a previous single from this new album was released in 2020 and it was extremely well received. It stayed at the top of the charts of many radio stations for months and can still be heard on the radio and the music video can be seen on TV quite often.

Jan Rhaap (37), a.k.a. Werner Burger, currently lives in the Northern Cape. When he is not on stage, he shares a farm with his father and brother just outside of Niekerkshoop; A small town between Griekwastad and Prieska.   Previous successful releases include Huisie in die Bos, which he co-wrote with Juan Boucher and whose video has already garnered more than 2.9 million views on YouTube, as well as Ramskilpad that not only topped several radio charts, but has also been viewed by more than 300 000 people online.

His music is honest, simple and sincere.

“My music is unique and original, because it is created from scratch. ‘ELMBOOG NA BO’ boasts a collection of meaningful lyrics with a strong message, as well as several enjoyable upbeat tracks,” says Jan. 


  1. Maak jou Maak(e)
  2. Afrikaans, my kind
  3. Kom Loop
  4. Elmboog Na Bo
  5. Jan Ek Kan Nie Dans Nie
  6. As My Hart Nou Ophou Klop
  7. Ry-ry Dagdroom
  8. As Ek Jou Soen In Jou Hart
  9. Afrika
  10. Adrenalien
  11. Poublou
  12. Vuis Teen Jou Bors
  13. Ons Kan Nie Breek Nie

The album is now available on all digital platforms. 

Download the album here: https://lnk.to/fopHYMr7 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janrhaap/

Instagram: @janrhaap

Twitter: @janrhaap

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